After I have entered marginal and anchored notes in Skim, I need some way to export those notes and format them nicely for reading. Skim has some built-in tools for exporting notes, but I wanted (i) to format these notes nicely with markdown, (ii) to incorporate bibliographic information from BibDesk, and (iii) to include my custom Skim URLs so that a track-back link to the original page follows each note.

The following script accomplishes all this by first identifying which BibDesk entry owns the PDF currently open in Skim, second iterating through all the pages of the PDF to get the note text, and third concatenating all the notes into a nicely formated markdown document with track-back links.

As a bonus, the script used PDFtk to find bookmarks in the PDF (which are usually used for a table of contents) and uses these to create appropriate section headers. If you do not want to install PDFtk, you could simply comment out this portion of the script. Finally, the script writes the output to a temp file and opens that file in Marked. The final output looks like this:

In Marked it ends up looking like this:

Marked Screen with Sample Skim Notes

Remember that putting this in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Skim/Scripts will make it available from within Skim’s script menu.