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Eidos in the Meno and Euthyphro:

Continuing our series of essays introducing basic ideas in Platonism, this week we take a close look at several critical passages from the early dialogues Meno and Euthyphro that use the vocabulary of “eidos” and “idea.”

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Sensibles and Intelligibles:

Expanding on the last essay, this post adds some nuance to the distinction between sensibles and intelligibles and introduces some of the words that are used in Greek as technical vocabulary in the Platonic tradition.

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The Mystery of Similarity:

Despite the grand, cosmic conclusions, Platonism begins from very simple, ordinary observations. Among these ordinary mysteries—and leading straight to the heart of Platonism—the common experience of similarity is perhaps the most strange of all.

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If you would like to browse past essays from the Notebook, you can see the big chronological list in the Archive or you can browse through the list of Tags. In this notebook you can read my attempts to work out my ideas in a public space before they make it into the longer and more polished Essays.