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In Defense of the Non-Moral:

Of course we aim at virtue, and of course the pursuit of virtue should take pride of place in everything we do. But the truth is that we should also educate our children in non-moral excellencies that are intrinsically valuable and choiceworthy for their own sake. It is simply a beautiful thing to learn history well whether or not it makes you a better person morally.

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The Mind of a Gentleman:

This essay explores St. John Henry Newman’s conception of a gentleman’s education; it was originally published in the Classical Teacher.

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The Comforts of Misanthropy:

My pessimism makes me hopeful. Human beings—myself very much among them—cause me so much dismay, with their perpetual stupidity, immorality, incompetence, incivility, and philistinism, that I am inclined to judge the present shambles of our society to be rather good in the grand scheme of things.

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