In the last post, I shared my little script for opening URLs that look like this: sk://mccabe94#57. It is a little irritating, however, to remember the citekey for a book and look for the page index as opposed to the page label every time I want to put a link to a PDF page in my notes. So I created a script that will automatically create a proper Pandoc-style citation with a Skimmer link inside of it. The result looks like this: [@mccabe94 [page 41](sk://mccabe94#57)]. This makes sure that the page label is displayed in the actually presented footnote or citation while the page index goes into the link URL.

By saving this script into ~/Library/Application\ Support/Skim/Scripts you can access it right from inside Skim. Skim automatically loads all the scripts it finds in this folder into its script menu. Because this makes the script a menu item you can add a keyboard shortcut to it in System Preferences. I chose ^⎇C.

Sometimes, I just want the URL, though, without the rest. For this I have another script based on the same concept:

I also put this in Skim’s script folder and assigned it the shortcut ^⌘C. This way I can quickly grab either a complete citation from what I am reading or just the URL to it, tab over to Vim, drop it in my notes with ⌘V, and tab back in just a few seconds.